Who we are!
We are a family owned & operated restaurant serving made from scratch Italian specialties! From our New York Style Pizza to our delicious Calzones and Strombolis we make everything in house using our special blend of herbs & spices, and have been a part of the Grand Prairie community for 10 years, and hope to be a part of it for a very long time!
We offer: Dine-in, Take-out, or Delivery!

If you are looking for a place to host your next family birthday party dinner, than look no further! 

We have decades of culinary experience in our kitchen and want you to enjoy a taste of Italy here in Grand Prairie!


  1. "
    This is real New York pizza nothing I mean nothing can beat this king of pizza, everyone should try it and the desserts are heaven, this is real New York pizza that came from the heavens.
    ef5 the magnificent- google review
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    We had the best pizza last night at Pizzaiolos. Ordered the 30" godfather for family. Not only huge! But tasted great! The staff are also so friendly too!
    Cheryl- facebook
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    I've eaten here with my three boys several times and we can't decide if we like the pizza or the pasta better. They also have takeout that you should try. More than once I've stopped in to get food after picking up my baby and seeing my hands full of rambunctious toddler, the owner helped carry my order to the car. #SauceInMyBeard #SingleDadStampOfApproval
    Eric - Facebook
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    Whenever family is in town, they love to order in Pizzaiolo's. For Dad to say it's a great pizza is a real accomplishment!
    Kimberly - Facebook
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    The best pizza around! Everyone there is very friendly and helpful.
    Connie - Facebook
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    Loved it! <3 Great service and food. Nice location.
    Sandy - Facebook
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    Great pizza spot with wonderful service. Everything I tried there so far has exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend.
    Julian - Facebook